A holy city, Amritsar stands as the spiritual and cultural capital of Sikhism, and the location of the religion's most revered and holiest shrine. Founded by the fourth Sikh guru, Ram Das, the city has grown up around its main temple, with a knotted, crowded set of narrow streets surrounding the golden building in the old part of town. The scene of one of the worst massacres of the colonial era, several plots in the old part of town mark the killing of hundreds, perhaps thousands of Sikhs by the British in 1919, with memorials, relics, and monuments. The newer portion of the city lacks the historical atmosphere, but gets just as crowded, with a high density of malls and hotels to meet the needs of the thousands of tourists and pilgrims arriving each day. Places of Interest:

The Golden Temple - Also known as Hari Mandir, is the most important shrine of the Sikhs. The glittering domes of the temple, covered with 480kgs of pure gold leaf are reflected in the pool in front of the temple

Durgiana Temple - This temple is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. The domes of this temple are also covered with gold and silver.

Jailanwala Bagh - This is where on 13th April 1919 the British General Dyer fired on an unarmed crowd gathered for Baisakhi and killed 399 people an injured over 1200. Today a stone memorial stands in silent remembrance

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